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It’s the Saturday before Thanksgiving and most Americans are running around like crazed people trying to prep as much as possible before Thursday. There is the grueling trip to the grocery store to get enough food to feed an army. There is travel to see family and friends who may live far away, or … [Read more…]

Tomorrow, I will turn 32. At 32 years old, I will be a wife, a mom, a homeowner, a full-time employee, and a pet mom. I am training for my fourth half-marathon and I still am trying to remember that chocolate chip cookies and a diet coke do not a healthy lunch make. I still have to drag myself … [Read more…]

For a lot of people, the word “minimalist” is a very scary one. We live in a world that creates problems and then promptly sells you the solutions to them- one payment at a time. Retail therapy is a very real thing and can quickly turn a bad day good, but what really is the point in accumulation? Is … [Read more…]

Most people do a “spring cleaning” to clear the clutter, clean, organize, and get rid of things in their home that accumulate during the long winter. But, sometimes that same cleaning needs to happen to your mental outlook in the fall. I think now that summer is coming to a close it is a good time … [Read more…]

I wish that all it took to form a wonderful habit was repetition of the item for 21 days.  I have done plenty of things for more than 21 days and they did not become a habit.  If the 21 day rule were correct then I would be excellent at running, yoga, Pilates, and strength training.  If this were … [Read more…]

There are times when I find myself in a rut. I get to a place where I just hit that proverbial brick wall and can’t seem to move anywhere, with anything. My problem is always finding that boost to get me over it. What’s your brick wall? Is it food? Time? Energy? How are you tackling the … [Read more…]