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Posted by lisa on May 6, 2009

 It’s Week 6 of our Shrink Into Summer challenge! 

How are you doing?  Are you SHRINKING?  Exercising?  Eating right?

I know that for me, I am in this for the long haul.  I’m all about the journey, not the end destination.  And while my journey is crawling along at a snails pace and sometimes I get distracted by that bag of Doritos over here (Hi bag of chips!  How I love you so.) or I get sidetracked by that pulled muscle in my back (Hello pulled muscle in my back.  Please go away right now.),  I am staying true to my course and not throwing in the towel.  If I have a bad day, I call it just that- a BAD DAY.  The next morning, I get back on track.

And so can you.

Yesterday was Day 30 of Shredding and THE END.  BUT lucky us- we’re going to do it all over again- yippee!  AGAIN?  You ask.  Oh yes, AGAIN.  So many of us have noticed a huge difference in our bodies from the first 30 days, so many of you didn’t join us the first time or have requested that we do it once again and YES, YES, YES, we will all get to see MORE of Jillian Michaels.    Maybe by the end of this 2nd set of 30 days, my body will look like Natalie’s. 

Maybe not.


  • Don’t forget, for those who want to participate in the Kellogg’s All Bran 10 Day Promise with The Sisterhood, click here for the details.  There is a giveaway at this link too  ).
  • We have two weeks left in the Shrink Into Summer Challenge.  Kick it up a notch as we near the end.  How much do you want to lose these last two weeks?  I’m going for two pounds gone in two weeks.
  • We got a giveaway for one lucky weigh-in winner.  Dust off the scale, gingerly step on, and come back here to report your results.  If you want to write a post on your personal blog, make sure to leave the link here so that we can come visit you.  Everyone who comments on this post will automatically be entered for the Weigh-In giveaway.   Our giveaway sponsors this week are Stacey and Nancy.  That’s right- we are giving away TWO different prizes- WAHOO!  You have until 11:59pm Pacific time to comment.    

Keep up the good work- plan your work and work your plan.

Shrink Away Sisters and Brothers!