beer is bad – The Shrinking Jeans of April


August 10, 2009 By april

Also, it was the end of Week 2 of ChaLEAN Extreme.  Since first starting Chalean Extreme I realized that my posts could all sound the same, so, I’m just going to keep you updated here and there until I move into the next phase.  Here we go with my confessions:

1.  I finished Week 2 of Chalean Extreme today.  I think that I am starting to see a little definition in my arms, but it could be too early to tell.

2.  I drank way too much beer and stayed up way too late on Saturday.

3.  Because I drank too much beer and stayed up way too late on Saturday, I didn’t work out yesterday.

4.  I only feel a little bad about this because I had good time with the best of friends and it rocked.

5.  Today, I did my Chalean work out AND worked out with EA Sports Active.  Loved it!

6.  Bowling is going to start again this week.  Where did my summer off go? Seriously.

7.  I’m going to try to be better at bowling and only have a couple of beers on Thursdays.

8.  It’s really hard to say no to a free beer, though.

9.  I totally took a shot of a guy’s nice ass on Saturday.  Look for it later on my personal blog.

10.  Random:  I once told a guy that I had a black belt in karate when he tried to cut the beer line at a concert.  I don’t have a black belt, but he must have believed me because he apologized and went to the back of the line.

11.  Wow there’s a lot of beer talk in this post.  Um, yeah.  My bad.

That’s all I got this week. )