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Somebody’s having a birthday today. She pretty much rocks. She has come so incredibly far. Worked hard to lose weight through eating right and exercise. She has become a runner. Finished one 1/2 marathon and is working on another. She has raised thousands of dollars for charity. She runs her household on her own all […]

Who doesn’t love apples? They come in tons of varieties, they taste good, and they are good FOR you! Fall is quickly approaching (unless you are in ND, we are apparently going straight to winter) and it’s a great time to take your family out to gather some apples! Maybe you have apple trees in […]

Psssst… Someone’s having a birthday! It’s someone waaaaaaayyy older than me It’s Christy! Let’s all make sure to shower her with love and adoration today! Happy, HAPPY birthday, girl! We love you! Revel in your one piece of cake and enjoy your day!