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The Psychology of Resolutions Lots of you are probably reluctant to, once more, make a New Year’s Resolution to improve your fitness. You’ve done it before only to see the motivation lessen and the old habits right back in place by mid-January. Why set yourself up to fail? But consider this – … [Read more…]

Do you ever wish you could go back and tell your past self things that you now know? Jump in your time-traveling machine, zip back to 1988, and tell yourself that your bangs really do NOT need to be 8 inches high? Or that layering two pairs of socks and tight-rolling your jeans will NEVER be … [Read more…]

Here at the Sisterhood, we are all about changing and evaluating our actions and behaviors. This week, we want to switch it up a bit. We are in the process of rethinking some things around here and we want some feedback from the most important people, the elite… namely, YOU! What are three … [Read more…]

About 6 months ago, I decided that I was going to switch from standard groceries to organic.  I buy organic almost exclusively now and have no plans on turning back. One side effect, though, is that we’ve had to replace some of our best loved processed foods with their closest organic … [Read more…]

My own motivation has been a little lax lately.  There’s no real reason…it just happens every once in a while.  You’re coasting along and every thing is hunky dory.  Suddenly, you realize that you are sitting like a bump on a log, you haven’t exercised in a week and yes you did eat a whole bag of … [Read more…]