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All those ready for school to be back in session so that you can get back to your normally scheduled healthy living, please raise your hand! I have not done all that great in the self-control department this summer. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that I recorded a gain the first week of summer […]

Sooooo, can we just pretend last week didn’t happen? If you want to pretend that last week didn’t happen, please raise your hand. (Patiently waiting to see if anyone else raised their hand) Last week, my whole family took a little road trip to visit my husband’s family in Illinois. That’s about a 12 hour […]

I have been trying really, REALLY hard to make good choices lately. I’m really trying to make the connection between what I put in my mouth and how I feel during the day or during workouts. But, come on. Everyone needs to indulge once in a while. Or five times in a while. Whatever. Dairy […]

Ah yes, here we are again. Another Tuesday, another chance to air our grievances of the past week. And friends, I have a few. I haven’t worked out since last Friday Thursday Wednesday. REALLY? Wednesday? Not so good considering I have a race this weekend! We had a road trip this weekend. And even though […]

Hmmmm…was it someone’s grand plan to have me host True Confessions the week of my birthday?  : ) Anyhoo, I do have a list of my transgressions ready because, folks? There’s quite a few… That cheeseburger and french fries That BACON cheeseburger and french fries That huge stack of pancakes, butter, eggs, and bacon That […]

I’ve been awful and I have to come clean. After Christmas I lost ALL control of eating and drinking. You see my husband and I were childless for a week. Parent vacation right? Exactly. I could not bring myself to only eat at home and not to partake in alcoholic beverages. A lot of them… […]