death on a plate – The Shrinking Jeans of Thea


September 21, 2009 By thea

Overall, this hasn’t been too bad a week. There was only one little, lard filled glitch…

  • I indulged in a little dessert from Uno Chicago Grill on Friday night.  I ate half my dinner because I knew I would be ordering dessert.  I didn’t share.
  • I almost threw up when I discovered the dessert was 40 points.  It had something like 1600 calories and 104 grams of fat.
  • That’s bad.
  • In order to finish the EA Sports Active 30 Day Challenge by September 30, I need to work out for the next 9 days straight.  Doable, but it was also avoidable.
  • My pajamas/workout shorts were basically being held up by the Wii leg strap. (Note to self: elastic is bad in your pajamas/workout shorts…)