Down & Dirty | Christy


Yesterday we fired the starting gun for the Down & Dirty challenge here at the Sisterhood. This challenge is down & dirty because it’s only 30 days, and we’ve formed teams and there’s no doubt there will be some trash talk going around. Down & Dirty!

Challenge starting weight: 142
Challenge goal: LOSE 5 POUNDS.

Yeah, I set a goal for myself because I never do and I’m really tired of seeing the same weight on the scale. It’s so dumb.

So my goal is to weight 137 pounds at the end of this challenge. Hold me to it okay?

In other news, this morning I started training for the San Antonio Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon. The race is on November 14th, and it will either be 87 degrees that day, or 35. Seriously. This is Texas and Texas weather’s kinda unpredictable like that. So anyway, this morning I woke up and it was 67 at 7:00 a.m. SIXTY-SEVEN. Unheard of in July in Texas. So I ran quickly out the door (because Lisa is visiting me and I can totally do that when she’s here without worry of CPS showing up at my door because I left my kids alone in the house), without drinking any coffee and .33 miles into my run I turned my damn ankle. Then I sat on the ground and cried because A.) I realized I had about 1/2 mile to walk back home. B.) I didn’t know if my ankle was broken, because it hurt like a bitch and I was crying like one. C.) I wondered if, before I even started really training, I had just taken myself out of the running for the SA RnR 1/2. So I got up, limped home, and sat on the porch drinking coffee with Lisa while I iced my ankle. Keep your fingers crossed that I’m better soon, okay. And if you have any experience with turning your ankle while running, fill me in okay?

The end.