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Hey y’all! It’s Mailbag Monday, where we answer your burning questions! Please keep them coming – either by email to [email protected] OR simply leave a question in the comments section of this here post…simple!! This week’s question came from an anonymous reader: I have major thunder … [Read more…]

I was very honored and happy when Melissa picked me as the Sister Spotlight last week. This week it was up to me to pick and the first person that came to mind is Jess B. Jess has been around the Sisterhood for awhile. She is the one who told me about the Sisterhood and urged me to check it out … [Read more…]

I know you are all here today expecting The Saturday Review. Let me assure you that The Saturday review will return next week, but today, I’d like to do a different kind of review. I’d like each of us to review what is inside of us and ask ourselves, how do you play the game? Let me explain: My … [Read more…]

First off, make sure your questions haven’t already been answered HERE. We had our first official Tribal Council yesterday. View the video HERE, and if anyone knows why the quality went to crap somewhere between my computer and YouTube, please let me know. There were a few mix-ups yesterday, … [Read more…]

Gosh, I love to eat.  I especially love anything with a Spanish flair.  It must be the Mexican blood coursing through my veins.  But yeah, I love casseroles and and I love salsa and I love Spanish casseroles topped with salsa. Es muy bueno. This is a simple, yummy, delicious, scrumptious … [Read more…]

Thanks to CLICK for sponsoring the Shrinkvivor Challenge! Have you tried their espresso protein drink? It’s delicious! A few fun facts about the filming of this video: This is my 2nd vlog ever. I had so many technical difficulties trying to process it. It still won’t come out clear… … [Read more…]

It’s looks like everyone totally rocked last week’s Fitness and Non-Fitness Challenges! Way to go Shrinkvivor Tribes!! Okay here’s the next set of challenges. I hope to see even MORE enthusiasm and participation this week. No groaning, yo! Also, if there are people on your tribe who cannot … [Read more…]

Yo, yo, yo!!!!  How are YOU guys doing?  Shrinking?  Are you on your way to being the Ultimate Shrinkvivor or will you be heading to Exile Island or worse?!  I’ve been planning my work and working my plan not really but I’m really trying to. Welcome to the 2nd weigh-in for Shrinkvivor Challenge.  … [Read more…]

I. Am. PUMPED! Tonight is the premiere of season TEN of the Biggest Loser, and you all KNOW what that means! The return of your LAST CHANCE TWORKOUT! If you’re new here, we all hop onto Twitter at 8 p.m. Central and get one last workout! (Twitter + Workout = TWORKOUT = FUN!) And I’m told there are … [Read more…]

Ah yes, here we are again. Another Tuesday, another chance to air our grievances of the past week. And friends, I have a few. I haven’t worked out since last Friday Thursday Wednesday. REALLY? Wednesday? Not so good considering I have a race this weekend! We had a road trip this weekend. … [Read more…]

Hello sisters. It’s time for our next installment of ask Coach Joe about running and fitness. We have one question this week that has to do with run/walk intervals Get your questions answered here every other Monday, by writing in or commenting on a post. Jen, who is training for a half-marathon, … [Read more…]

Who doesn’t love apples? They come in tons of varieties, they taste good, and they are good FOR you! Fall is quickly approaching (unless you are in ND, we are apparently going straight to winter) and it’s a great time to take your family out to gather some apples! Maybe you have apple trees in your … [Read more…]

I was so excited and touched when Ann chose me as the Sister to spotlight last week. I may have even shed a tear or two while reading her post. This week, it’s all up to me to choose who gets the honor. I have chosen…. drumroll, please… Dawn (babyboy3)! Dawn has been around the Sisterhood … [Read more…]

Update! Winners have been chosen – check the comments. If you’re one of the lucky winners, please contact me at [email protected] with your snail mail info! Thank you!! ******* I am constantly on a quest for a healthy snack bar. There are SEVERAL out there, but I always find something … [Read more…]

Back in the day, like WAAAAYYYYYY back in the day, prior to marriage and during my mid-20’s, I considered myself a Latin dancing superstar not really- in my head I danced way better than I did in real life.  Regardless, my girlfriends and I would regularly visit our favorite salsa dancing club … [Read more…]