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How did everyone do with the mini-challenge this week? I got wrapped up in the Christmas hustle and bustle and only got 3 workouts in. I don’t have any excuses, I COULD have found a few minutes here and there to do some crunches, I just didn’t. How did you do? This week, as things start to settle … [Read more…]

Lets see, if I do the math correctly (yes i’m counting on my hand…sheesh)today is the 6th day of my new weight loss journey. 6 days already? really? wow. Most importantly, I still feel really good about it. Although I haven’t recorded every meal for each day, I did plan out my breakfast, snacks … [Read more…]

It’s been 24 hours since I started to monitor what I eat and how I eat.  You know what the hardest part for me was today? The office at work. Yes, that room where everyone brings donuts and cookies each Monday. Those evil so and so’s. Don’t they know I’m trying to be good here? Nope. So while … [Read more…]