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Good afternoon!!! Well, maybe it’s NOT so good, but I’m trying to be positive despite this horrible headache I have and the fact that I woke up to this: The really dumb thing is that we have gotten a few more inches since then!! **Our very own Lisa and Christy are participating in the ZOOMA race … [Read more…]

It’s THAT day of the week.  You know the one where you come clean about the previous week’s transgression, successes, and/or struggles.  I mentioned in my heart to heart  last week that I have been struggling lately.  Life was stressful and so very crazy busy and at times sad, BUT we are done with … [Read more…]

I haven’t participated in True Confessions in the past two months because the confessions are too many and I am embarrassed. I haven’t participated whole-heartedly in this challenge because my heart just hasn’t been *in it*. I haven’t watched what I ate I watched it while I ate it, lol. I … [Read more…]

Knock knock.  Anyone there?  It looks like some of us have lost our get up and go.  In my case, my get up and go has gone up in smoke and flames, heavy on the flames.  The last four weeks have been incredibly stressful and busy for me and dare I say it- the first thing to fly out the window during … [Read more…]

Last week’s rock star, Kirsten, chose Ashley for the spotlight this week! Ashley is a fun, beautiful woman currently training for a Half Ironman -whoa! Name: Ashley Blog: http://findingashesway.blogspot.com/ Twitter: @Ashes41 Age: 28 Hometown: Sonora, CA – Cow-town in the foothills of the … [Read more…]

Hey, hey! Did you read all about our girl, Monica last week? We had a blast getting to know her better! This week, the spotlight was handed over to Britt! Congrats, girl! Name: Brittany Staires Blog: http://www.lessbrittmorelife.com Twitter: @gettinfitbritt Age: 24, soon to be 25 Hometown: … [Read more…]

Winner winner chicken dinner!  Ann G, you are the lucky winner of this wonderful giveaway.  I will email you with the promo code for your race entry.  Congrats and get running : ).  Lisa Not Zumba. Zooma. As in the Zooma Women’s Race Series.  Half marathon (13.1 miles), 5K (3.1 miles), … [Read more…]

I am a runner. I also like to spin, lift weights and Zumba! But in my heart, I am a runner. However, there are things in running that I avoid because it hurts, it’s out of my comfort zone, it makes me breathe harder blah blah blah. Mainly speedwork and running hills. Yeah, I could do without … [Read more…]

It’s time! It’s time! We are taking registrations for our 2nd annual Team Shrinking Jeans! We are training to run or walk the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll half-marathon on June 5th, 2011. We will also offer the full marathon option for those of you crazy people who are interested in doing all 26.2 miles. … [Read more…]

Can you believe it is the LAST DAY of 2010? When we wake up tomorrow it will be 2011, full of hopes, dreams, goals, and ambition. We can’t move on to the next year without reflecting on the year that is passing. Today, we are going to focus on all of the positives of 2010! What did you accomplish? … [Read more…]

I’m not going to beat around the bush.  Nope.  I’m just going to jump right in and lay it all out there.  It’s True Confessions Tuesday- the day where you share with the world all of those confessions that have been weighing on you this past week.  It can be good stuff, it can be bad stuff, it can … [Read more…]

It’s Tuesday! Time to read those beloved race reports! Link up below. Be inspired. … [Read more…]

Today is National Running Day, a day we celebrate our love-hate relationship with running with people all across the country! What perfect timing, as me and the other 13 members of Team Shrinking Jeans are busy packing and taking care of last-minute details before we head out west to San Diego for … [Read more…]

ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!! I am so excited! Remember that “little” group called Team Shrinking Jeans?  You know, our 15 members strong coalition of women who have committed to running a half marathon in San Diego in June while also raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society?  The team that … [Read more…]

It’s hard to fight an enemy who has outposts in your head.  ~Sally Kempton, Esquire, 1970 “You think too much.” That’s what I heard from my husband last night while I was talking to him about my fitness woes.  I was telling him that I have all these lofty fitness goals but I condemn myself to … [Read more…]