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116 POUNDS LOST!! Sometimes life throws us curveballs which delay or hinder our weight loss. Maybe we find out our thyroid is out of whack or a family member gets sick. In Debbie’s case she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Growing up, Debbie never weighed over 110 pounds. She kept active … [Read more…]

Healthy Living Spotlight: Karri McManus Status:  Weight maintenance Pounds lost:  67 There is a lot we can learn from Karri’s weight loss journey and her 67 pound loss, but let’s start with a slow clap and standing ovation.  Sixty-seven pounds lost is definitely something to be proud of! … [Read more…]

Healthy Living Spotlight: Christy Baldwin Status: Kicking butt in the weight loss phase Pounds lost: 87 and counting! Something shifted mentally for Christy in the moment she lost an important family member. Her father-in-law was only 60 years old when he had a massive heart attack on the … [Read more…]

I don’t need to be a member of Mensa to know one important thing; our readers here at Shrinking Jeans are remarkable. You are running marathons, when you used to only do Netflix marathons. You are working, raising children, and living a healthy lifestyle. You are reaching your weight loss goals or … [Read more…]