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Sometimes I feel like the universe knows just what to tell me at just the right time. This week it came in the form of the reminder: Be nice to yourself. I have felt so bogged down between graduate school-essays, tests, homework, reading, more reading- work, finding someone to sublet my room (I’m … [Read more…]

Think about something thing you love about yourself physically. Now think about something you’d like to change. Which one came to mind quicker? If I were to bet, I’d put my money on the latter. In the American society and culture, women have an image of what a perfect body is and constantly … [Read more…]

I hear it all the time: “You worry too much.” Trust me, I know. Since high school (and probably even before that), I have been a class act worry-wort. It’s something I’ve come to perfect with lots and lots of practice, but not necessarily on purpose. I don’t make it a goal to think about things I … [Read more…]

It’s hard to fight an enemy who has outposts in your head.  ~Sally Kempton, Esquire, 1970 “You think too much.” That’s what I heard from my husband last night while I was talking to him about my fitness woes.  I was telling him that I have all these lofty fitness goals but I condemn myself to … [Read more…]

I’m a big fan of routine when it comes to my weight loss journey.  Okay, fine.  I’m a huge fan of it.  I like having a scheduled time to eat and to work out.  Call me a little OCD if you want, but I know that having a routine is what has gotten me this far. I’m fine if I have a day or two when my … [Read more…]