in texas – The Shrinking Jeans of April


November 6, 2009 By april

I’m sitting in Christy‘s living room (I love being able to say that!) looking at the amazing view, and just a mere 5 feet away, Christy is on her laptop.  I did I mention that she has an AMAZING VIEW from her living room?  I’m so jealous.

And we are both SORE.  (Christy more so than me probably!)

Because, this has been no ordinary visit.  Oh no.

On Wednesday we went hiking at Lost Maples State Natural Area.  We hiked about 5.5 miles and 1.5 miles of that was basically rock climbing.  I’m not joking.  And here’s the kicker…are you ready for it?  Christy carried Mia in a pack on her back!  Seriously.  She’s my hero for that.  And just as a note, we did all of that in 4 hours!! (Maybe a little less!)

Yesterday, we ran.  (Because we have that thing called a 5K coming up this weekend.  You’re running with us, aren’t you?!)  We ran and walked about 3.7 miles in around 42 minutes.

How’s that for exercise while on vacation?!

I’m so freaking proud of us, I could smack Christy. ;oP

Here are some shots from our hike!  (Not the rock climbing parts though, we were just focused on making it up the mountain!)