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This is the post where we all confess our naughty behavior for the past week on our blogs and link back to them in the comments below so that we can get a fresh start! Come on, get it off your chest! Lisa is still recovering from BlogHer, so I will start us off!

True Confessions of Melissa

1. We had a weekend at the bunkhouse and I ate too much junk.

2. I drank quite a bit of beer and a few margaritas. Enough so that I had a hangover on Saturday morning.

3. Not surprisingly, I am up a few pounds today from where I was at on Wednesday.

4. I was going to wake up this morning and go straight to the gym. Only I didn’t.

5. I am going to do a Pilates workout at home. Hold me accountable, people!!!

6. I was presented with an AWESOME opportunity last week, only I can’t give you any details for another month. It’s killing me. I will be going SOMEWHERE in a few weeks to do SOMETHING, and I want to eat well and exercise daily until that time arrives. Please help me. PLEASE?

7. I started seeing a chiropractor for my injury that happened way back in May. Felt better after the first visit, then it came back. Second visit didn’t help. I threw bales this weekend. Obviously, THAT didn’t help the matter at ALL.

Let’s hear your confessions! Leave your link below!