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After I had my son in 2004, I weighed 212 pounds.  I drank at least 4 cans of Diet Dr. Pepper every day and boxed foods were a major component of my dinners (if it was ‘a-Roni’, I made it). I finally got it together and joined Weight Watchers and reached my goal weight.  I even achieved the … [Read more…]

Healthy Living Spotlight: Karri McManus Status:  Weight maintenance Pounds lost:  67 There is a lot we can learn from Karri’s weight loss journey and her 67 pound loss, but let’s start with a slow clap and standing ovation.  Sixty-seven pounds lost is definitely something to be proud of! … [Read more…]

Welcome to the Great Maintenance Challenge where we’ve challenged you to maintain or lose weight throughout the holiday season! So many of you are doing just that! THREE weeks into the challenge, and so many of you are maintaining or even losing!!!! Do you realize how hard it is to maintain your … [Read more…]

We’ve challenged you to maintain or lose throughout the holiday season, and so many of you are doing just that! Here are our Maintainers & Losers for our first week of the challenge {remember, the goal is to stay at or below your starting weight through the next few weeks!}: Adah M. Ann … [Read more…]