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I feel like I was just sitting here writing about what was going to happen in 2011 and what was in store for me. It feels like yesterday and now, 2012 is just DAYS away! Where did the year go?! I know we ask this every year but I feel like this year went especially […]

The American Council on Exercise just released a report on the fitness trends for 2012 and I have to say I am not surprised by them at.all. In fact, this being a fitness site (and above all community) and many of us being immersed in fitness chats on Twitter and Facebook constantly, I think we were pretty […]

So many times I am on Twitter and I see something and it sticks with me and it becomes something I just have to write about. Today it’s the “F” word. Consider this famous quote: “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” – Unknown Well? What is it? What […]

Greetings Shrinkvivor tribes!! It is the great and all powerful check-in day, when we let the scale speak for us (whether we like it or not!) How did we do this week? First things first, let’s head on over and check in with the scale. When you get the numbers, make sure you write your […]

Ever feel like you’re just wandering in the desert looking for the road to motivation?  Do you find ways to self-motivate, or do you wait for motivation to come knocking on your proverbial door?  Are you the type of person who sits idly by waiting for the motivation to “hit” before you start making efforts […]

We have another fabulous post on charity racing this week from Tiffany Zook. You can check out her first two posts in the series here: Find Your Passion and Demystifying Fundraising. Lets face it, training for an endurance event is just plain hard. A very small percentage of people ever undertake training for a race, […]

The truth? Food and fitness-wise, things are ugly around here. I’m hanging out in this post-baby rut and I’m searching for a way out, but so far, no dice. Every night I tell myself: You’ll do better tomorrow. Better food choices. You’ll go for a run. But inevitably, I’m stressed or tired, and healthy choices […]

Name: Shera W Blog: http://livejournal.com/lashera (my twitter is more active these days) Twitter: @ldanay Age: 25 Hometown: Yonkers, New York Tell us about your family: I’m surrounded by my awesome mother and adopted twelve year old brother. I don’t have any children, but I do have a five year olf Shih Tzu named Mister. He […]

Tiffany Zook will be doing a series of guest posts on racing for charity. She was a very important and passionate member of Team Shrinking Jeans when we raced with Team In Training and raised money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Tiffany was a rockstar fundraiser and motivational team member!! She is passionate about […]

It’s one thing for me to be bored, popping a squat on the couch and sticking my fingers into a bag of chips nice bag of measured out healthy almonds while chomping away mindlessly. (Of course it’s not a good habit to be mindlessly eating anything, but at least it’s me.) It’s quite another thing, […]

Why are you here? A lot of times I see that the people who find us are in need of a little motivation and support in their weight loss/healthy living journeys. I love being a part of something that has become so big in a lot of people’s lives. There has been nothing better than […]

I can say with conviction and 100% absolute certainty that I have never, ever, EVER, been a vacation exerciser. Vacation was a place to vacation — from everything a person needs a vacation from, calorie counting and exercising included. I gained 7 pounds on a cruise once. I didn’t learn from that, either. And I […]

It’s True Confessions time people, wakey wakey! How have you been this week? Did you stick to plan? Did you fall off? Because whatever it is, fess it up, clean that slate and start over again fresh, mkay? Here’s my story. This past week, I’ve actually done ok. A couple of weeks ago my fridge […]

As you know, the Sisterhood sisters spent a few days in Baltimore at Fitbloggin. We exercised together and we spent a vast amount of the time eating healthily, since Fitbloggin provided breakfast and lunch for all of us and there were yummy breakfasts that consisted of high-fiber cereals, Eggland’s Best eggs (ohMIgod were those good […]

Hi everyone! We’re coming at you this week from Fitbloggin ’11, in Baltimore, Maryland! We have an impressive Shrinking Jeans Sisters turnout and next year we hope to have even more of you come with us! If you blog and you’re interested in anything to do with health or fitness (or if you are one […]