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Three people (and one dog) make up my household. Subject One is a 32-year-old male, a Type 1 diabetic, who doesn’t eat coconut or bell peppers – or onions for that matter. Subject Two is a 31-year-old female (aka me) who doesn’t eat mushrooms, raw sushi, or any steak that isn’t considered … [Read more…]

New Year’s Eve is quickly approaching and for some of us party animals- HA! that means attending parties or hosting a party. Every party I host, I have to have homemade salsa on the table.  It is kind of expected by my friends and family by now.  I love salsa and have several “go-to” recipes, but … [Read more…]

OK ya’ll.  It’s time for another seriously awesome Weight-Wacthers friendly recipe.  I found this one on Chubbie Chica’s blog.  Go ahead and bookmark her page as she has TONS of Weight Watcher recipes.  In fact, you will probably see a few more of her recipes highlighted here. So yeah, this … [Read more…]

Okay, I don’t totally agree with the title of this recipe (from WW online), and I totally added my own twist to it too! The original recipe doesn’t call for it, but I can’t imagine it without the salsa! I’ll call it Crockpot Chicken Ole’ POINTS® Value: 6 Servings: 4 Preparation Time: … [Read more…]

I am all about breakfast food. Not only will I eat if for  breakfast but lunch and dinner too. When I ran across these low point breakfast recipes  I had to share… SCRAMBLED EGG BURRITOS Ingredients: 1 cup egg substitute 1/4 cup shredded reduced-fat cheese … [Read more…]