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We have another fabulous post on charity racing this week from Tiffany Zook. You can check out her first two posts in the series here: Find Your Passion and Demystifying Fundraising. Lets face it, training for an endurance event is just plain hard. A very small percentage of people ever undertake training for a race, […]

Erin, get your tough self ready, because you are the winner of this Tough Mudder giveaway! Congrats! We will be in touch very soon! Hi everyone! It’s me, Kirsten.  I’m back over here guest posting at Shrinking Jeans because I have some amazing and awesome and, quite frankly, a little scary news.  Wait! Don’t go!  […]

Yesterday, Lisa outlined the Weight Watchers plan, and today I’m going to outline the South Beach Diet for you. Now to be honest, I’ve never used the South Beach plan to lose weight. I’m a half-assed Weight Watchers girl. But Weight Watchers is what I know, what I’m comfortable with, it’s ingrained into my brain. […]