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Welcome to the Week 5 Leaderboard. LOOK at THOSE numbers? These women are HUGE LOSERS, and I cannot even begin to tell you how proud we are. Seriously. It’s amazing how much everyone is shrinking! We love losers! Week #5 LEADERBOARD! 10.22% Tubby Two’s 9.04% toughnecks 7.69% Team challenge 7.67% Bridgeeeee 7.14% Flame On 7.02% […]

Good Thursday to all of our fantastic shrinkers! One month into the challenge and SO many pounds gone! All of you are doing an amazing job and we’re so proud of you!! And now for the leaderboard! Top 10 Shrinking Buds* 5.18% melissa and lori Lori F & Melissa A 4.89% Drop it Like it’s Hot    Amy […]