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Another side-dish I cannot live without on Thanksgiving is sweet potatoes. I love them. So much. Unfortunately, my husband and son don’t like them, and I’m still working on my daughter. My recipe, again one that it’s in my head and not written down, contains lots of butter, brown sugar, and nuts; and is topped […]

Let’s just start off with a bang, shall we? Don’t tell anybody, but I’m a little over my computer right now.  I can’t figure out why, but I don’t want to read blogs, write blogs, or comment on blogs. Facebook is making me feel left behind and Twitter…well…I can’t catch up.  It’s a conundrum, because […]

So, how did everyone do over the holiday weekend? I did not do so hot myself. I had a little bit of every dish for dinner, but I also had a few more beers than necessary. And my self-control this weekend was all downhill from there. We went to stay with Justin at the rig […]

The day is here, Thanksgiving, the day where families sit around and eat. Then a few hours later after our naps we go and eat again. Well I just want to remind everyone that you hold the power. The power of self control. Before you set out for the day make a plan. Plan your […]

I wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your time with your families and loved ones. Enjoy the food… in MODERATION. Portion control is so, so tough on holidays, but so important if we want to stay on our path to thinness!! Don’t forget our first weight loss challenge is approaching quickly -grab […]

On Monday, I weighed 157. Today I weighed 155.8! YES! It’s a step in the right direction. Of course tomorrow is Turkey day and I’m a little concerned, but you know what? This loss is EXACTLY what I needed. Isn’t it funny how a loss can really put you in the right frame of mind? […]

I just got back from BJ’s school where they had a Thanksgiving day feast. Oh, it was a feast all right. A veritable feast of calories, and fat, and sugar, and nothing that even resembled healthy. Oy. So I took my own advice and had a small serving of only the dishes I really wanted. […]