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This week I interviewed former Season 11 Biggest Loser contestant Austin Andrews from the brown team. He and his dad went on an incredible weight loss journey and Austin made it to the top 5 on the show, which is pretty amazing! He was voted off when it came down to him and Hannah below the yellow … [Read more…]

Before I begin, I realize that some of you still love the show and that’s great. However you get your inspiration is great, but for me personally, I have a little bit of a rant to go on. Back when I began blogging, I had my feet firmly planted in the cement of the church of Jillian Michaels. She … [Read more…]

I like to watch TV in the evenings, specifically reality TV.  The husband rags me about it, asking “what do you get out of this” and “can’t you spend your time exercising your brain in better ways” or some stupid stuff like that.  What he doesn’t understand is that I get so much more from reality … [Read more…]

NO WORRIES.  You can still do it tomorrow.  In fact you should do it tomorrow.  And I’m gonna KNOW if you didn’t.  I can see through your monitor you know.  Just sayin’. 1.  Run in place for 2 minues, Jumping jacks for 1 min 2.  Jump Squats (Squat, then jump when you come back up.  Go slow, … [Read more…]

Rethink Your Shrink is about changing from the inside. It’s about looking back so that you can move forward by changing the present. We will re-evaluate our eating habits, our patterns, our obstacles and our activity levels. We will take with us what worked in 2009 and dispose of what didn’t. Good … [Read more…]

Alright, ladies and gent(s), it’s Wednesday so you know what that means! Glee is on tonight! No wait, sorry.  That’s not why we’re here.  Silly me!  We’re here to weigh in!! Go jump on those scales and then come back and tell us how you did.  Do you have something to celebrate?  Did you … [Read more…]