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Ahhhh, it’s Tuesday once again and time to air my dirty (or not so dirty) laundry.  Also, it’s your turn too- woot woot! Here are my confessions- short and sweet style. 1.  Girl Scout cookies are the devil recreated in a cookie form.  I find it nearly impossible to just eat a few at a […]

It’s Tuesday and time to confess it all.  Have you been good?  Bad?  Eh?  Did you fall off the wagon/get back on/pull the wagon? Here are my confessions: I am tired.  My days begin at 6:30am and don’t stop until at least 8pm, sometimes later if I still have household stuff that needs to be […]

Well, let’s see.  Today is Tuesday and I have lots and lots to confess, but I will try to stay on task. During the last 4 weeks, I have traveled FOUR times.  That means I have eaten four times as bad as one trip out of town.  My goodness.  I have had the vacation mindset […]

I have come to dread when it’s my turn to post on True Confessions Tuesday. Yeah, you read that right. Sure, I could confess that I ate BBQ once this weekend, ice cream twice this weekend, and exercised ZERO the last three days.  Those are all easy fixes in my mind.  The harder thing to […]