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Can you feel it, folks? Spring is just around the corner. SPRING, I tell ya, spring! We now have the joy of more daylight after the work day is done. Add to that a bit of sunshine that I saw today and I am feeling down right giddy! Have you had spring on the brain as I have had this past week? … [Read more…]

Hello, dear Shrinkers! How is everyone? It’s Tuesday, which means it’s the time of the week where we want to hear you boast about your victories. Toot that horn! It need not be anything big or ‘grand.’ Any achievement, positive step in the right direction is toot-worthy! I have to admit, I have … [Read more…]

I am still flying high with my steps on my Fitbit! I just got my email for my steps last week and they were so good. 113,275 steps and 49.62 miles. I’ll take that. I am having some healthy competition with some of my classmates from high school who also wear Fitbits. They give me a run for my … [Read more…]

Hi friends! It’s Toot Your Horn Tuesday, the day of the week where we boast boast boast about ourselves without shame or a drop of conceit! Let’s hear from you. I am CERTAIN that you have something to toot your horn about it, big or small!  So let’s here it. How did you all do over the holiday … [Read more…]

oIt’s Tuesday and time for another round of Toot Your Horn! However, I thought I would change it up a bit and combine this with a few true confessions of my own. It looks like this…. 1.  True Confession- I didn’t run much last week.  In fact, I didn’t do much in the way of exercise from … [Read more…]

After posts about my injury and what I can’t do, I am so excited to declare this Toot Your Horn Tuesday because I have something to be happy about. I am still about a week away from getting my inserts for my shoes, but things are finally beginning to get a little better with my foot. The ice and … [Read more…]

It’s been over a month since we tooted our horns- I think we are overdue, don’t you?  Personally, I know it’s much easier to confess the *bad* but sometimes, we to shout the good, you know what I mean?  Also, I have some very good stuff to toot! 1.  Since August 5th, I have lost 22 lbs.  Yes, 22 … [Read more…]

Today for Toot Your Horn Tuesday, I am going to show you how you can turn a negative into a positive with just a simple twist of your thought process. Honestly, you can do it. I did just yesterday. Yesterday morning I went out for a walk. I do this most mornings. No big deal, right? Well, … [Read more…]

Strength. What does it mean to you? Is it physical? Is it mental? Is it both? Think about it. I’ve had it on my mind a lot the last few days. It first came to mind on Thursday morning. It was preschool olympics. A girl I work with and I were filling coolers with ice in one corner of the … [Read more…]

It’s so refreshing to be writing up a Toot Your Horn post and actually feel I have something to toot about! I’m actually rather proud of myself. It’s January 8 and I have been religiously watching my food intake and exercising since January 1. Yes, I know that most New Year’s resolutions go by the … [Read more…]

It’s Toot Your Horn Tuesday and I’m feeling quite “tootable” today. Where to start, where to start??? Let’s start with it’s week two of the new challenge and so far, I have stayed under my starting weight! I have tried to keep my eating in check and exercising most days. It seems to be … [Read more…]

Why hello there! How are you this fine Tuesday morning? It’s that day where we become our own cheerleader…shout our victories from the rooftops…it’s Toot Your Horn Tuesday! Now, you may be a little down in the dumps and saying ‘But Heather, I have NOTHING to toot about.’ To that I … [Read more…]

  Hi gang! It’s my first time since I had the honor of becoming a contributing writer here at the ‘Hood that it’s my turn for the weekly Toot Your Horn Tuesday post! For those of you who are new to the site, today is the day where we brag, brag, brag about ourselves. No guilt about it!  We … [Read more…]

It’s Tuesday and I’m ready to TOOOOOT! It’s Toot Your Horn Tuesday, y’all! This week, I’m not here to talk about how much running I’ve been doing nonexistent or that my eating habits have been pristine notevenclose. No, I want to toot about something else. Something that I feel really good … [Read more…]

Why do I find it so easy to toot everyone else’s horn and so difficult to toot my own horn? I’ve been thinking about this post all day long, trying to get myself *tooting* along (snicker snicker). Regardless, it’s time for each and every one of us to share the positive from the past week, to grab … [Read more…]