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I’m BAAAAACK! Who missed me?! I heard you guys did such a great job last week! I can’t wait for Tworkout time tonight! I know you’re excited too, right?! Right! So hop onto Twitter at 8 p.m. Central and we’ll have a sweatin’ good time! Tonight’s Tworkout: 1. It’s a 3 min dance party! Turn […]

In case you missed it…you can still do your Tworkout on your own! YAY! 1.  3 mins buttkicks, while holding weights 2.  Chair dips, as many as you can do! 3.  3 mins high knees 4.  Two 60 second plankholds 5.  Alternating side lunges with bicep curls, 50 of them. 6.  “Fake” jump rope, 100 […]

Hey! You!  We’re tworking out over on twitter tonight, so come join us, k?  Okay, okay…if you absolutely CAN’T join us (and you had better have a good excuse!), you can do the tworkout on your own.  First thing tomorrow morning.  Got it?  I expect a roll call in the comments.  I mean it… Today’s […]

Whether you’re joining us on twitter or not doesn’t matter, you TOO can do the Tworkout during your favorite TV show.  In fact, you SHOULD.  Why?  Because I said so.  So there. 1. 2 mins jumping jacks, 1 min 30 sec running in place 2. 30 jump squats (Remember these? Squat down, jump up, go […]

NO WORRIES.  You can still do it tomorrow.  In fact you should do it tomorrow.  And I’m gonna KNOW if you didn’t.  I can see through your monitor you know.  Just sayin’. 1.  Run in place for 2 minues, Jumping jacks for 1 min 2.  Jump Squats (Squat, then jump when you come back up.  […]