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So. Talk to me. What do you guys thing of The Biggest Loser so far this season? Do you like how they’ve switched things around? Who is your favorite contestant this season? Who do you think is in it for the money? Now, after you answer all of those questions, you can get your water […]

Hi! It’s me again! Tuesday is Biggest Loser Day! (Or for you, it could be Glee Day, or No Ordinary Family Day. Pick your show!) And Biggest Loser Day (Or Glee Day or No Ordinary Family Day) means LAST CHANCE TWORKOUT™ time! So, change into your work out clothes, grab a water bottle, your weights, […]

Happy Tuesday, my tweeps!  How’s your week so far?  I know you all are just so excited that it’s Tworkout day, right?! I know you are! And I know you’ll join us on Twitter tonight as we tworkout while we watch TV!! Yay! Tonight’s Tworkout: 1. 2 mins jumping jacks, 1 min 30 sec running […]