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Another week has come and gone! How are you doing? Are you losing pounds, gaining muscle, and making healthy choices? You have had over 21 days to start instilling new habits and ways of thinking… is it working? How are you doing on the fitness and non-fitness challenges? Are you avoiding the drive-thrus, drinking your […]

Thanks to CLICK for sponsoring the Shrinkvivor Challenge! Have you tried their espresso protein drink? It’s delicious! The Shrinkvivor Tribes page will be updated shortly! If you do not see your name on that page, it’s because you didn’t report in one of the weigh-ins and you have been eliminated from the challenge. If you have been […]

First off, make sure your questions haven’t already been answered HERE. We had our first official Tribal Council yesterday. View the video HERE, and if anyone knows why the quality went to crap somewhere between my computer and YouTube, please let me know. There were a few mix-ups yesterday, but I think we managed to […]