Weekly WeighIn – 6/7 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


You didn’t think we were going to let you off the hook today just because we don’t currently have a challenge going on, DID YOU? How did your first challenge-less week go? Most of our fellow writers were in Chicago over the weekend at BlogHer, but I know they are still going to be accountable […]

This is it, Sisters and Brothers! After 7 long weeks, we’ve finally come to the end of this challenge! WOOHOOOOOO for all of you that stuck it out. First off, I’d like to thank all the sponsors for this week’s Weigh-in Giveaway: Tia Margie Plain White Press And a big thank you to all of […]

How’s everyone doing? Today is weigh-in day. Aren’t you excited about stepping on your scale and seeing if you had a loss for the week? Yeah, yeah, I know it’s difficult to get excited about this stuff sometimes. I know a lot of you are doing SO WELL with your weight loss, but I for […]

Good morning Sisters and Brothers! How are you? Did you have a good week? We hope so. So hop to it! Drag those scales out, blow the dust off, take deep breath, and step on! Is the number getting smaller? We hope so. If it’s not, don’t fret. We all have off weeks, and just […]

Hello Sisters and Brothers! Do you know what today is? Why, it’s weigh-in day, of course. Did you step on your scales yet? No? Okay, go run and do it real quick and we’ll wait. {waiting patiently} Okay, good, you’re back! How did it go? Is the number smaller than last week? We hope so. […]

Once again, we are giving away some fabulous prizes for stepping on that scale! This week you can win a 24 oz. Camelbak water bottle, donated by the fabulous Catie… or a copy of Lite ‘N’ Up: Laugh Yourself Skinny, where you can journal your daily eating habits and laugh while you are doing it! […]

Hello Men and Women! How are you doing? Are you experiencing some shrinkage? We sure hope so! Let’s take care of business… Get your butt on your scale, remember the number, go to your blog and write about that and how it makes you feel, come back here and leave your permalink. Or if you […]

Hello to all  you lovely ladies and handsome gentlemen! We at the Sisterhood are SO pleased to bring  you an exciting new challenge – The Shrinking Days of Summer! We’re always looking for ways to make things better, improved, and more exciting. This challenge is laced with fun and excitement! Do you think we’re EXCITED?!!! […]

Good morning, Sisters! How are you? Did you have a nice holiday weekend? We hope so! Well, today is the day we normally weigh in, challenge or not, so step on those scales and let us know how you’re doing! Get on over to your blog and post about it, then come back here and […]

Hello, Sisters and Brothers!! You read that right, we are in Week 5 of the Shrink Into Summer challenge!  Only 3 weeks left!  And can you believe that it’s almost May?  Where did April go?  How are you doing this challenge?  We want to hear from you! Here are the rules:  First, go weigh-in.  You […]

This week’s winner of the weigh-in giveaway, sponsored by Kim @ Nothing But Chatter is…….. …..our very own ValleyGirl, Tammi @ Becoming a Woman of Moderation Tammi’s prize includes some really nice goodies to help soothe her aching muscles! Tammi, if you can email me with your mailing information, that would be great! Thanks so […]

Announcing our latest winner, who will be receiving a $20 gift certificate to use on whatever she wants at Courtney’s DigiChick store…. Kellyn from The Fritz Facts! Congratulations, girl! Enjoy! And thank you, Courtney, for sponsoring this awesome prize!

We are three weeks deep into our Shrink into Summer challenge! Have you been seeing the results you hoped for?  Are your jeans feeling looser? Let’s get the business part over with… you know the drill. Step on your scale, look at number, step off your scale. Come back here and share your results! We […]

This is my weekly weigh-in post. I’m just not in the mood to post it on my regular blog, so here I am. I gained 2.8 pounds this week. That is completely, and totally insane. After weeks of not tracking and eating out everyday and still having losses, this gain was a huge slap in […]

I am writing here today, well, because I can. And I also don’t feel like writing my numbers on my other blog. WI today: 229, +2 lbs. I am pretty much back where I started last December!! Augh! I was expecting a little gain this week because I haven’t been eating very well, plus I […]