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Guess what my little pretties? Summer is coming to an end. GASP. And you know what? I still haven’t managed to achieve that bikini body I set out to own way back in the colder months. WTH? Rather than throw in the towel, or rather wrap it around my still-a-little-jiggly middle, we here at the … [Read more…]

Hello Shrinkers! How are you this fine Wednesday morning? Summer is such a hard time for so many of us to lose weight. After all, it’s summer. There’s always a block party, or a pool party, or a trip to the lake or coast beckoning. A lot of us are doing good to maintain our weight during the … [Read more…]

Good morning! We are knee-deep into our summer weight loss challenge! Tell us… how are you doing? Are you keeping your cravings at bay? Are you breaking a sweat each day {and not just from the sweltering heat!}? Link to your blog below, or leave a comment letting us know what progress you are … [Read more…]

Good morning! Summer is almost upon us {North Dakota didn’t get the memo, apparently} and this means dresses! shorts! bathing suits! and you don’t want to find yourself wishing that you worked harder to lose those extra pounds. Today is the day! A brand new weight loss challenge is starting here at … [Read more…]

Checkity check-in, it’s time for you to check in! How is your week going? Did you have a fabulous long weekend? We did! It was rainy in Texas, and we so desperately need the rain right now. I know a lot of people had races this weekend, and I even saw some people had brand new PRs! If you raced … [Read more…]

Week 1 of the new Spring Clean You Challenge is in the books! How’d you do? Did you hit it hard? It’s not too late for to join in – you have one more week to sign up for the DietBet Game if you want. I think we’re at $5,800 right now. Just go to : www.dietbet.com/shrinkingjeans and sign … [Read more…]

Welcome to a brand new weight loss challenge from the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans! If you’re new around here, welcome! We host these challenges regularly, and I think it’s safe to say that although losing weight is hard, we have fun losing it together. There’s lots of support, camaraderie, and … [Read more…]

I know you have all been waiting and holding your breath, for like days. We’ve been waiting on official weight verifications from the winners and now we have them! Don’t worry if you aren’t our Biggest Shrinking Team, you are still a winner in our book! Winners! Losing 9.92% of their total body … [Read more…]

We are now in the final week of the New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge! We certainly hope that you’re planning for a strong finish! These teams in the Top 10 are kicking ass and taking names! Just look at these numbers! New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge Leaderboard: 10.58%  Tubby Two’s 8.79%    … [Read more…]

Okay, shrinkers! We are in the home stretch of this weight loss challenge. We only have one week left. How has it been going for you? Have you been losing some major pounds? I think I told you before that I am losing more inches than pounds, but I’m okay with that. Have you been reading the great … [Read more…]

Welcome to the Week 5 Leaderboard. LOOK at THOSE numbers? These women are HUGE LOSERS, and I cannot even begin to tell you how proud we are. Seriously. It’s amazing how much everyone is shrinking! We love losers! Week #5 LEADERBOARD! 10.22% Tubby Two’s 9.04% toughnecks 7.69% Team … [Read more…]

YIKES!!!! Does that say week 4???? That means we are already halfway through this eight week New Years Weight Loss Challenge. Where did that time go? It is only three days away from February 1. This year is already flying by. How’s this challenge going for you? Are you still hanging in there? Are … [Read more…]

Hello Happy Shrinkers. WOW! It’s been another momentous week of amazing weight losses. Congratulations to all of you. I know some of you had rough weeks with no losses, or maybe even a gain, but DO NOT give up. Instead of quitting, it’s time to recommit. You are moving into your 4th week, and you … [Read more…]

****REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED! THANKS FOR THE AMAZING RESPONSE! IF YOU ARE WAITING FOR A PARTNER, WE WILL BE EMAILING YOU WITHIN THE NEXT 24 HOURS!****   Are you stuffed like a turkey? Do you feel like it’s time to step away from the pie? Are you living in yoga pants because they’re … [Read more…]

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for!! The announcement of our Shrinking Dream Team for the Healthy Wage July Matchup Challenge! These 5 people will compete as our Shrinking Dream Team! Andy D. Mel L. Lisa M. Britney P. Melissa M. Congratulations ladies!! If you’d like … [Read more…]