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It’s officially spring, and whether the temperature reflects it or not, and it’s time to get outside and enjoy some sunny days and warmer temperatures. One of the best things about spring is the time I spend outside in the sunshine, but I have to be careful and not get too much sun. And that brings … [Read more…]

After decades of media influence on how women feel about their bodies, we are finally starting to realize that our female body images are seriously screwed up. It is so hard to find a female past the age of 8 in our society who does not have some body image wackiness going on in her brain. Having … [Read more…]

As a mother of four, I’m very in tune with my kids and their habits. I can tell you when one isn’t feeling well, when one hasn’t had enough sleep, when one has been eating the wrong things. Since our youngest has a metabolic condition, I can tell you just about everything he eats in a day. So why … [Read more…]

As I was laying awake at nearly 1 am for the 3rd or 4th time last week, the topic of sleep was very much at the front of my brain.  I’ve struggled with sleep for a long time, mostly due to stress, not finding a good sleeping temperature in my house, and my current age with all the postmenopausal … [Read more…]

Visualization is one of the self-help tools that’s actually backed up by research. It’s been shown to help people successfully quit smoking, help athletes perform, improve college student’s eating habits, and even reduce pain during medical procedures. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t taught to do … [Read more…]

May brings us many wonderful and beautiful things: longer daylight hours, Memorial Day barbecues, Mother’s Day celebrations, soft breezes coming through open windows. It also brings us Mental Health Awareness Month. As members of the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans community, you know we are … [Read more…]